Russell Graduate Student Fieldwork Scholarship

Award for field work in Geography and Anthropology

College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Geography And Anthropology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Robert C. West/R. J. Russell Field Research Award Cover Sheet
    • Dates of field research:
    • Funds requested:
    • I agree to deliver a brief (10-15 minute) oral presentation on the major outcomes of the fieldwork to the department upon completion of the fieldwork if requested to do so.
    • I agree to submit a brief final report (500 words) detailing the major findings of the research and the role that this research will play in the completion of my degree. Reports for awards given in the November 1st competition are due the following April 1st. Reports for awards made in the April 1st competition are due November 1st of the same year. If my research as proposed is not carried out, I must notify the graduate secretary immediately and funds must be returned.
    • I certify that I do not owe the university money (library fines, parking tickets, etc.) and that West/Russell funds may not be used for any expenses except as stipulated in this proposal.
    • I certify that I have discussed the proposed research with my advisor and that my advisor also has read and approved the final proposal.
    • I have received previous funds from the West or Russell awards during my degree:
    • Location of field research:
    • Other awards pending or received for this project:
    • Title of Proposed Research:
    • Who is your advisor?
  2. Budget Explanation/Justification:
  3. Eligible West/ Russell Fund expenses for the proposed project:
    • Accommodation for ____ days @ ____ per day =
    • Food for ____ days @ ____ per day =
    • Local travel:
    • Total request from West/Russell Fund:
    • Travel to field site:
  4. Other Expenses not covered by the West Fund
    • Equipment:
    • Informants/ assistants:
    • Other:
    • Supplies:
    • Total Ineligible Expenses:
  5. Total Expenses for Proposed Project (sume of eligible expenses and other expenses):
  6. Please provide a project description (including significance, methodology, and description of research).
  7. Please provide your references cited (max one page).
  8. Please provide your C.V. (including name, contact information, education, publications and presentations at professional conferences, relevant skills, languages, experience, and professional service; max two pages)
  9. Authorization
    • 1. By submitting this form I hereby acknowledge the information I have provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I have completed this form voluntarily. I give my permission to disclose this information and photo to the scholarship donor/s or their families or representatives. Furthermore, I give permission to use part or all of this information for internal LSU reporting and future media release.
    • 2. Full Name
    • 3. Date
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