Ogden Honors College - Michael Blue Honors in Oxford Program Support Fund

Students who meet or are enrolled in courses that meet course requirements for the Ogden Honors College in Oxford Program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 and demonstrated financial need

Honors College, Ogden Honors College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Foreign language studied:
  2. Credit hours earned in foreign language above:
  3. Additional language studied:
  4. Credit hours earned in additional language above:

    Title of study abroad program (if applicable):

  6. Program type:
  7. Location(s):
  8. Term (semester and year) of program:
  9. Duration of program in weeks:
  10. Total duration of stay:
  11. Hours of credit to be earned:
  12. Hours taught in foreign language:
  13. URL of program (if applicable):
  14. PRIOR ABROAD EXPERIENCES (academic or otherwise)

    Title (if applicable):

  15. Location(s):
  16. Duration of program in weeks:
  17. Total duration of stay:
  18. Hours of credit earned:
  19. Hours taught in foreign language:
  20. Description:

    Tuition and fees:

  22. Program fee (if applicable):
  23. Meals:
  24. Housing:
  25. Airfare:
  26. Books, supplies:
  27. Personal, miscellaneous:

    Personal Savings:

  29. Grants:
  30. Grant(s) amount:
  31. Loan(s):
  32. Loans amount:
  33. Scholarship(s):
  34. Scholarship amount:
  35. Family support:
  36. Authorization
    • 1. By submitting this form I hereby acknowledge the information I have provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I have completed this form voluntarily. I give my permission to disclose this information and photo to the scholarship donor/s or their families or representatives. Furthermore, I give permission to use part or all of this information for internal LSU reporting and future media release.
    • 2. Full Name
    • 3. Date
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