Ogden Honors College - Advisory Council Award

Incoming and current Ogden Honors College students in good standing who have completed at least one semester and have demonstrated financial need

Honors College, Ogden Honors College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Statement Describing Adversity - Summarize how your education has been immediately affected or threatened by a reduction or removal of financial support or an increase of expenses. Be sure to include sufficient detail and to describe any factors that led to these effects. Information submitted here will be considered in light of financial aid data currently on file. Changes to prior resources listed there must be adequately addressed in this statement.
  2. Amount of Support Requested - Estimate an amount of support funding that would restore certainty to your education in the short term.
  3. Other Support Requested - List other scholarship/award programs to which you have applied or intend to apply and any amounts you have been awarded. Enter "None" if you have sought no other emergency support.
  4. Commitment to Community - This scholarship is a result of financial and time donations from the Ogden community. In what ways do you plan to sustain and develop that community?
  5. Authorization
    • 1. By submitting this form I hereby acknowledge the information I have provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I have completed this form voluntarily. I give my permission to disclose this information and photo to the scholarship donor/s or their families or representatives. Furthermore, I give permission to use part or all of this information for internal LSU reporting and future media release.
    • 2. Full Name
    • 3. Date