Chevron Energy Leaders Scholarship in Engineering for Incoming Students

Full-time undergraduate students enrolled in the University Center for Freshman year or the College of Engineering with a minimum GPA of 3.5 for freshman and a minimum GPA of 3.2 for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have demonstrated a career interest in the energy industry and are majoring or intending to major in one of the following programs: Computer Science, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Construction Management, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering; must participate in the Chevron Leadership Academy; must have demonstrated financial need; preference to students underrepresented in the College.

College of Engineering
Supplemental Questions
  1. I have (check all that apply):
  2. Are you interested in working in the energy sector?
  3. For a co-op, internship, or full-time offer, I am willing to relocate beyond the Baton Rouge area.
  4. For a co-op, internship, or full-time offer, I am willing to relocate outside of Louisiana.
  5. What are your long term career plans?
  6. What excites you about working in the energy sector?
  7. What do you know about Chevron and what interests you about this company?
  8. What leadership experience do you have? Include leadership roles within student and/or community organizations, volunteering, scouts, or any other extracurricular activity. Be sure to indicate what positions you held, if any (President, VP, etc.).
  9. Have you ever had to manage an extracurricular activity that required a significant time commitment? If so, how did you handle this with your academic work?
  10. What would you expect to get out of the Chevron Leadership Academy if you are chosen?
  11. Why do you feel you deserve this scholarship?
  12. Please upload a current resume.
  13. Authorization
    • 1. By submitting this form, I hereby acknowledge the information I have provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge, and I have completed this form voluntarily. I give my permission to disclose this information and photo to the scholarship donor/s or their families or representatives and the committee of reviewers tasked with selecting scholarship recipients. Furthermore, I give permission to use part or all of this information for internal LSU reporting and future media releases.
    • 2. Full Name
    • 3. Date
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